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5 Benefits of Aloft BPOs
Time and Cost Efficiency

Save time and money with a quicker, more affordable alternative product.

Expert-Driven Accuracy

Trust in our experienced agent panel with in-depth local market knowledge.

Enhanced Quality Control

Benefit from customizable QC rules, automated and manual checks.

Nationwide Availability

Access our BPO services across all 50 states.

Comprehensive Reporting

Receive detailed insights including repair costs.


Modernizing BPOs with Cutting-Edge Technology

Aloft is committed to taking Broker Price Opinions to the next level by harnessing the power of advanced inspection technology and providing superior adjustment support. Our experienced real estate agents are equipped with real-time data and our proprietary adjustment framework, ensuring accurate valuations that go beyond traditional paired sales models.
Choose Aloft BPOs for a truly superior valuation experience.
Aloft Adjustment Framework

Consistency Meets Accuracy in Valuation Products

Aloft's cutting-edge adjustment framework technology sets the foundation for delivering not only accurate valuations but also consistency between valuation products. Our proprietary framework goes beyond traditional models, utilizing advanced algorithms and real-time data to empower our agents with state-of-the-art adjustment data.

This robust approach helps maintain a high level of consistency between our valuation products, instilling confidence in our clients and solidifying our reputation for providing reliable, precise, and trustworthy valuations.
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Experience the Aloft BPO Advantage Across Key Market Segments

Aloft BPOs are tailored to deliver exceptional value in Origination, Servicing, Investing, and Disposition – the four main markets where accurate property valuations are crucial. Trust in Aloft to provide the support and expertise you need in these critical areas.


Streamline the Appraisal Verification Process
Leverage the precision of Aloft BPOs to confidently verify value conclusions during the origination process, ensuring a seamless and accurate appraisal experience.


Enhance Collateral Value Management
Opt for Aloft BPOs to regularly update your collateral value, gain insights into next steps such as workout, modification, short sale or loss mitigation when faced with loan defaults.


Assess Risks and Optimize Pricing
Utilize Aloft BPOs to effectively evaluate your investment's risk profile while determining the optimal price range for a single loan or a pool of loans, ensuring a sound investment strategy.


Set Reliable REO Listing Prices
Rely on Aloft BPOs to establish independent and dependable REO listing prices, giving you the confidence to navigate the property disposition process with ease.

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